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First Renewal 24 Hour Pkg. Life Only or Life Agent Contiuing Education Pkg

IDFormatPubcodeHours Price
131703Home Study LyteSpeed and OQT28 $84.90
Course is provided by Quick Learning School as a third party provider, in association with Lytespead and One Quick Test, which holds online approval
Two (2) courses from "One Quick Test" (AHI) Courses. 5 hours Ethical Responsibilities, 15 Hours Life & Health Solutions Plus LyteSpeed - 8 hrs Annuities Mandatory CE Course (Course #241887) only valid for intital Annuity certification. Please NOTE this package is only good if you have a Life Only Agent License or Life & Accident & Health LIcense (Life Agent) Books included* Shipping cost, will be added to shopping cart $113.90 Pay Only $89.90 + shipping Total SAVINGS $29.00