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Step Three

File application with the CA Dept. of Insurance for license

File Application with CA Department of Insurance for license

(After passing the licensing exam)

Upon passing the State licensing exam, then file an application with the California Department of Insurance. Current CA Insurance License filing fee: $154.00 (Updated 3/17/2013) Visit our website at: www.quicklearningschool.com

1. Click on “Career Resources” on the left panel

2. Select the link “CA Insurance License Application

3. You will be redirected to a new page

4. Select Start New Application link

5. Follow the steps to file for the exam

6. You will be prompted at the end of the application to pay the licensing fee of $140.00. .

CA Department of Insurance: 1-800-967-9331

Exam and Fingerprint Fees

Current Exam Fee: CDI Site - $45.00 OR PSI Site - $78.00 One time Live Scan Fingerprinting fee: CDI Site - $58.30 OR
PSI Site - $68.95 (Updated 3/17/2012)