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Insurance Pre-Licensing

License Types and Requirements

Other license types available include

Property Broker/Agent, Casualty Broker/Agent, Settlement Broker, Limited License Auto Insurance and other types of licenses available. Please contact our office directly for information relating to these license types.

Please Note: Pre-Licensing, Certification SUBJECT TO EXPIRATION. Certification is NOW only Valid for 3 years of Course Completion; failure to obtain an insurance license or if insurance license expires will require re-certification of prelicensing

Please note: Broker-Agents who wish to obtain a life Only Agent Authority may file for Life only reducing Pre-licensing from 40 hrs to 20 hours total of 72 hrs. of Pre-licensing or an Individual wishing to only Sell Automobile Insurance may file for Limited Automobile Agentís License or Personal Lines both License filing require 20 hours Product knowledge Plus 12 hrs of Code & Ethics

Prior to taking your licensing exam or getting licensed issued, you must complete a minimum of 20, 32 , 52 or 92 hours of classroom or on-line pre-licensing certification (Hours required are based on license being applied for) These hours may be satisfied by completing an on-line or classroom California Department of Insurance approved pre- licensing course

For individuals who are applying for both license Types; Life Agent & Broker-Agent, the requirement is 92 hours (40 hrs. of life & Health, 40 hrs of Property & Casualty Product knowledge and 12 hrs of Code & Ethics)

  • If individual was licensed before 1992, and they are now acquiring and additional license e.g. Broker-Agent is now filing for Life Agentís license they must complete 12 hrs. of insurance Code & Ethics pre-licensing and the 40 hours of product knowledge
  • If Licensed after 1992 and they are Holding an insurance license in good standing; they will only be required to complete 20 or 40 hours of pre-licensing product knowledge. The Final State exam will, contain questions on their knowledge of Code & Ethics